Interior Painting Contractors

Our unsurpassed attention to detail make all of our interiors breathtaking

Interior Painting. Our Specialty, Our Passion

Interior home painting is our specialty and passion. You won’t believe how beautiful your home will look when we complete your interior. Other painting contractors might look at the interior of your home and see a job, but we see a canvas ready to create your masterpiece. With the highest quality surface preparation and our use of only the finest paints and finishes available, we ensure smooth and silky results with crisp and precise handcrafted edges that lack roller lines or brush marks.

Painting Your Home

Whether brilliant, bright, fun pastels for a beach home, a historically inspired circa 1800’s library or study, sharply contrasted contemporaries, or earth tones, we love them all. Color is fun, color is expression, color is personality! Let us be there to color your home for you!

Interior Painting Ogunquit

Ogunquit Maine Interior Painting

What did we use?

Area Paint Type
Walls Latex
Windows & Interior Doors Trim oil (brilliant white)
Floor Epoxy (white)
Ceilings White Latex
Cabinet Display and Furniture High Gloss Black Oil